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Monceau St Honoré: a rigorous and professional approach to dating

Because when you choose Monceau St Honoré to (re)build your love life, you're choosing a truly high-end dating professional, a far cry from traditional matrimonial agencies or dating sites....

You and your expectations: listening, discretion and professionalism

Agence Monceau St Honoré offers you highly selective access to a new life together. A hand-picked international clientele, unfailing discretion, attentive listening to your wishes, the constituent elements of each file checked in the strictest confidentiality, right up to possible graphological and psycho-morphological research of each person's profile.
Everything is done to initiate serious encounters.

Getting to know you better: a morpho-psychological and graphological analysis

Cette étude morpho-psychologique et graphologique a pour but de tracer votre profil de personnalité en insistant sur les caractères et structures de votre affectif. Elle vous éclaire sur vous-même et sur la façon dont vous êtes perçu(e).. Elle permet un réel profil de correspondance, de celles et ceux qui sont en harmonie avec vous, comme de celle et ceux qui vous sont incompatibles, dessinant ainsi de possibles . C'est un véritable outil, aide indiscutable s'inscrivant dans une démarche positive. Ces analyses demeurent bien sûr confidentielles.

Profiles that match your wishes and desires

Our members are all available and motivated to build a lasting emotional life: You won't waste time meeting uninteresting people who don't know what they're looking for, or who just want a one-night stand. Serious, relevant encounters with available people who share your values: our approach is therefore radically different from that of a simple dating site....

We do everything in our power to support our members' wishes and make them come true, through serious and relevant meetings! Make an appointment with one of our advisers, tell us about your tastes and aspirations, your lifestyle, and we'll give you the means to realize them!

With Monceau St Honoré, loneliness doesn't have to be a fate

Our seriousness and our experience at the service of your happiness!

A busy professional life that no longer leaves room for romantic encounters and discoveries?
Recent or long-standing sentimental disappointments?
Widowhood, break-up...

... and loneliness sets in... insidiously and permanently.

And yet life remains so rich in possibilities and encounters

Romance performance

A different kind of encounter in a romantic setting

  • Matching profiles to find out more about you and the other person, and your compatibility (through morpho-psychological analysis).
  • A dinner meeting
  • A romantic ride on a red Parisian coach
  • You can also choose a "discovery" weekend in France

Prestation Evasion

Romantic encounters and a journey to get to know each other better...

  • Matching profiles to find out more about you and the other person, and your compatibility (through morpho-psychological analysis).
  • Three dinner meetings in Paris
  • A romantic ride on a red Parisian coach
  • A voyage of discovery abroad

Some ideas about Monceau St Honoré marriage agency

Monceau St Honoré is a top-of-the-range matrimonial agency, far removed from the old-fashioned image of the dating agencies of yesteryear!
Our agency is very much of the 21st century: it combines the most modern communication techniques (including the Internet), the listening skills and advice of serious dating professionals, and a selection of members whose personalities and aspirations we know well.
Technological and human, experience and modernity, openness and confidentiality, advice and objectivity: the Monceau St Honoré marriage agency, with its professional approach, offers you much more than a simple dating site or classic marriage agency....
Let's get to know each otherYou'll see for yourself just how serious our approach to the dating world is.

Dating sites are full of singles looking for a one-night stand, lots of fake profiles, automatic contacts with no one behind them, or, on the contrary, hosts who play the role of singles to attract customers...
Our approach is obviously very different: we know our members so we can offer them compatible profiles that meet their expectations (no registration by correspondence: we meet each and every one of our members!) Our members are selected, motivated, available and looking for a serious encounter to build a lasting relationship.
To meet the partner of your life, contact St Honoré's top-of-the-range matrimonial agency!

Our rates are transparentas are our approach and our General Terms of Service.

Monceau St Honoré is a national and international matrimonial agency.
Our members can be found all over France, as well as many abroad. Based in Paris, we have members from France, Switzerland, Belgium, the United States, Canada, Russia, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Monaco, China, Italy, the United Arab Emirates... Please note that these are not marketing arguments: written proof is available at the agency.
We meet ALL our members, which is one of the cornerstones of our approach to ensuring optimum compatibility when matching profiles for serious encounters.
Let's get to know each otherYou'll see for yourself that 1ç years of serious dating experience really does make a difference.

With Monceau St Honoré, you'll really see the difference! Our professional and rigorous approach, our sense of advice, our international clientele, our discretion and the attention given to our members appeal to a high-end clientele.
Looking for a serious date? Check out the ads of some of our members and of our membersYou'll see for yourself in these profiles.

You can contact us in complete confidence: your request, like all the information concerning you, is completely confidential. We need to establish a relationship of trust with all our members in order to understand their personalities and expectations: confidentiality is the basis of this trust, which is inherent in our way of working.
For serious encounters, do not hesitate to contact Monceau St Honoré19 years of experience in the field of high-end dating will always make the difference!

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