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Coaching with the Monceau St Honoré marriage agency

A "tailor-made" support in the choice of an evolution
and/or a transition of life

Individual coaching

Initiating an effective approach to finding the ideal partner for a lasting emotional relationship sometimes requires personal questioning. We can then offer a "tailor-made" accompaniment in the choice of an evolution and/or a life transition, intervening on your physical presentation as well as in your approach to the other.
The support is finely adapted to each personality and takes into account the context and the environment
The content and the process aim to develop individual potential, to give meaning to the current situation, to increase the awareness of each person, to encourage the verbalization of situations and to create value.

Our Mission


  • Consistency with the research project
  • Highlighting the value of adaptation to the situation
  • Creating or strengthening its strengths
  • Support from personal resources
  • Development of individual responsibility


  • Strong personal involvement
  • Situation observation
  • Awareness
  • Tooling method contribution
  • Sharing experience
  • Measures by indicators
  • Accompaniment over time

types of coaching

Some types of coaching:

    • Resolution coaching:

Clarifying a conflict, getting out of a recurring problem that is an obstacle to a life project (relational blockage, lack of confidence or self-esteem...).

    • Support Coaching

Facing a difficult situation, overcoming a personal setback or regaining momentum and coherence after a personal "empty period" or taking an important decision

    • Decision coaching:

Make a choice in accordance with his deepest motivations. Get out of a recurring problem that hinders personal development and his projects.

Example of implementation

Example of implementation:
    • Study and diagnosis: customer meeting
The client, the coach, the process. Formulation of the request, sharing and suggestions, then action proposal.
    • Phase 1: Preliminary analysis
Meeting to align demand as required. A self-evaluation using a specific tool with feedback is proposed to personalize the accompaniment as close as possible to reality.
    • Phase 2: Facilitation of coaching sessions
Sessions that take place within the firm
    • Phase 3: Review and recommendation
An oral or written report is presented at the end of the sessions. This report includes a detailed analysis and restitution, as well as recommendations for the future.
    • Phase 4: Monitoring over time
Periodic support is offered to ensure the proper integration of achievements, co-developed processes and the long-term appropriation of changes.

example of an intervention

Example of intervention:

A young entrepreneur wants to be "herself" in potential meetings:

Individual coaching before the meetings to define objectives and means, followed by 6 coaching sessions after the meetings. This work of awareness and restitution of the exchanges during the meetings helped this young woman to master and develop her capacities of expression, communication and presentation by adopting a natural, open and fulfilled posture.

From the beginning of the development of the project, a work on the sharing of representations, the individual vision, in support with the cartography of a tool is carried out. This allows us to be more attentive to others, individual needs and motivations are taken into account, and a real adhesion is created. The project is carried out with efficient co-development processes.

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