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The United States

business manager, Quarantine

Paris Region

Notary ,37 years old


Hotelkeeper, 37 years old


Director of Financial Affairs,The Fifties


specialist doctor, 38 years old


Liberal profession, 57 years old

Between Paris and Belgium


Between Paris and Bordeaux



Liberal profession, 50 years old


Company manager, 48 years old

Between Paris and Bordeaux

Specialist doctor, 36 years old


company manager, 38 years old

  • SHE:¬†
    • Life... A freshness... An emotion... A very current image... Where modernity and romanticism are mixed.
    • Very long brown hair, green eyes, a child's smile... NOTHING that hints at the early fifties, and EVERYTHING that betrays a creative and entrepreneurial dimension.
    • She is divorced and works as manager at the head of her design and fashion concept company, which she distributes in many countries.
  • Path of life ... exciting ...
    • Born in the heart of an old European capital rich
      in history, in a united family.

      Graduate studies at the Parsons School of Design in New
      York and then at the University of Applied Arts.

    • ¬†At the age of 26, she got married, followed by 31 years of happy married life.
      Then one day friendship replaced love,
      and a separation followed, without tumult or shouting.

    • ¬†At the age of 38, she founded her company, then revealed herself to be a talented polyglot; English, German, French, Italian.

Between Qatar and France

Minister Delegate , 50 years old

  • She is one of those women who have a sparkle and who make you want to live without stopping in the middle of the ford.
  • The 50 coming up fits her like a glove. Brown mane and black eyes, she is sunny, typical and always smiling.
  • Quite fashionable and up to date, it knows how to highlight a slim and toned silhouette.
  • Now that she's single and childless again, she's taken stock. She feels ready today for a strong, lasting and deep relationship.
  • In the city, she is head of department in an international organization, the culmination of a successful career. First state engineer in industrial engineering, then a master's degree in economics abroad.
  • And in life she is a non-smoker, rather sporty and early morning, and not very fond of animals at home.

Between Geneva, Nice and Paris

international mediator, 64 years old



Between Paris and the Var

Marketing Manager

Between Paris and Near Province

Lawyer and Veterinarian


International Sales Director, Major Cosmetics Group

Between Geneva and Paris


Between London and Paris



company director