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  • She is just 57 years old, long blond hair, a slender figure, elegance and blue-green eyes - something PATRICIOUS emanates from her.
  • She is divorced without children - she has many activities between her companies and her role as a delegate of associations.
  • After high school graduation, three years of business school. She speaks English, has some German, and, in terms of beliefs, is a practicing Catholic.
  • Full of contrasts:
    * Calm, gentle, peaceful, but underneath the apparent phlegm lies a sometimes inhibiting Emotion.
    * Conformist, attached to certain views and principles,
    serious, one quickly discovers a relaxed and confusing personality of fantasy.
    * Adaptable, easy to live with, and generous at heart, she surprises with real underlying motivations.
    What prevails is a cerebral, thoughtful nature, rich in the interests of the mind.
  • She knows how to have a judgment of her own where realism has its part.
  • With a non-conformist profile, her personality, which is both individual and friendly, blossoms into a creative dimension; she also wants to create an ever denser and more interesting life for those around her. She also likes to cultivate her friendships, which are often international.

- The charm of the islands, Iceland, Japan, what makes it different from her islands to HER.
- Politics, debates, reports.
- Books, reading, a real passion.
- Especially her violin of Ingres writing.
- Without forgetting nature, walks.
- A film, a play.

  •  French, from 60 to 78 years old
  •  And since she has a sense of humor...
  •  A being with a presence, reliable, solid; a fantasy too and a lifestyle compatible with hers.
  • No Maniac, no Psychorigid, no marked difference in background.

Between Paris and Belgium


  • Not classic, the Lady! The unidentifiable sixties! A modern, contemporary and refined look, from which filters the discreet charm of a bourgeoisie that doesn't say its name. Black hair, blue eyes and childlike looks that underline a lively and pleasant verb. we can quickly sense someone original and rich intellectual interests.
  • With a Master's degree in art history and another in museology, she is a lecturer specializing in art and especially architecture. She has worked in museums. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Paris-Sorbonne, then in Amiens! She speaks English and reads Dutch, Spanish and Italian.
    She is Catholic but does not practice.
  • She is free today, a heart available and waiting for this knight servant who will have had children, because, she - and this is a small regret - did not have any.
  • She'd like to move to Paris, or New York.
  • Lively, animated, with a spirit always on the move, eager for knowledge ... and empathetic with everyone. She is spontaneous and sensitive, but also thoughtful, critical, and knows how to defend her points of view with passion.
  • With a non-conformist profile, her personality, which is both individual and friendly, blossoms into a creative dimension; she also wants to create an ever denser and more interesting life for those around her. She also likes to cultivate her friendships, which are often international.
  • Museums, of all kinds, all over the world.
  • She is passionate about music, from jazz to rock to opera, not forgetting French chanson and musicals.
  • Reading captivates her: history, politics, economics, science.
  • Sports relax her: skiing, skating, golf, dancing, walks in
    nature where she maintains its shape and line.
  • With one more plus, decoration and fashion. But also cinema, and photography, her violin of Ingres, from which she graduated.
  • Finally, she always keeps the spirit of travel in mind : Italy, Spain, England, Germany ... USA, Canada ...
  • And when she pauses, it's political news and ... art of course.
  • A European, or an American, or even better ... a Parisian or a New Yorker.
  • He would be from 60 to 70 years of age, with charisma, something that attracts and captivates; an original and sensitive personality with a sense of communication.
  • A very cultured man with refined tastes, modern, understanding and upright, with, if possible, humour and hindsight. Also likes to travel elsewhere and here ...

Between Paris and Bordeaux


  • She's one of those women who received a gift from heaven called... PRESENCE. Presence by the intensity of a glance where the challenge is filtered, like a questioning on the other.
  •  The sky didn't stop at this unique Present: long chestnut hair, a rebellious border strand that reveals femininity and fantasy, a harmonious and tonic silhouette, pretty legs that high heel pumps enhance.
  • It also seems that the lady knows how to put herself discreetly in beauty, better still with naturalness, without omitting this "modern touch" that her strict and elegant coat dress brings. 
  • The message is clear the Feminine, is back with its charm and mystery... 
Scenes of life: 
  • Lawyer with a focus on peaceful conflict resolution. 
  • Years of married life and then one day a divorce.
  •  Of Protestant upbringing, she keeps her free will and favours direct relationships. 
Above all, there's something no one could believe in - yet another proof of heaven's generosity, she's approaching her 60th birthday , and to guess it... mission impossible. 
She now feels ready to give a new impetus to her life and gives a chance to a sincere Love. 
A woman of taste: 
- Human relationships, in all their complexities.
- Art in all its splendour, 
- The immanent beauty of nature,
- Travel (domestic) around the world, Hotels, Cruises, Camps, 
- passionate about classical music and opera, she is particularly fond of Bach, Debussy, and the
           Ravel, Fauré. 
- Literature
- Sports: Diving, Boating, Tennis, Horseback riding, Yoga. 
Her distractions: 
- Travel the world
 - Receive 
- Going to the concert 
- Going to the museum, expositions 
- Going to a good Restaurant
  • Gentle and attentive with a true joie de vivre, Generous and Refined, Loving a certain fantasy, Creative, with a vital impulse that would delight Bergson .
  • And, with that, an intimate universe that she only rarely and
    selectively delivers.
  • A soothing woman with great adaptability. 
- Between 55 and 65 years old
- A dynamic man with a beautiful energy and a beautiful soul.
- Moral Integrity and Benevolence.
- Open to the World.


Liberal profession, 50 years old


A strand of chestnut autumn hair falls elegantly on the eyelid.

  •  the smile is glamorous but above all so true and spontaneous;
  • The face is laughing, expressive, tonic, fulfilled,
  • The body? a curve, a preserved line; of those women who can wear anything; in this case it will be a fitted blouse and black trousers.
  • Impression? what if the magic of St Germain de Près, in black and white, was remixed in the 21st century style? 
  • We will confide to you that she practices a liberal profession at the head of a large structure, that she is laureate of a great business school, that she speaks English, that she is divorced, and that her 50 years old daughter, who is hard to guess, is combined with a great B.... like Beauty.
  • Might as well let you in on a few little secrets.
    • A fragrance of the big city
    • A picture of an airport, stopover in Montreal via Los Angeles.
    • The Love of life whether it is the colour of dawn or the scent of dusk!
    • No tobacco not even in FREE
    • Door open to animals
    • Not to mention other secrets yet to be discovered.
  • Optimistic, enthusiastic, expressive and capable of empathy.
  •   Woman of taste, refined, a sense of aesthetics.
  • Quick, concrete, forceful judgment.
  • Good vitality.
  • A bit like the song, the sky the sun and... the sea with a plus as for the boat, the distant shores and the countries beyond the horizon.
  • Current events, political life,
  • all the music, not to mention the books,
  • golf, tennis, pilates and yoga,
  • Entertaining friends, going for walks,
  • Fashion, decoration.
  • A man between 55 and 65,
  • Allure, charm, presence and great openness to life.
  • Qualities of heart and consistency,
  • Dynamism and listening,
  • French, or foreign...





Company manager, 48 years old

  • she has that special impact that brunettes with green eyes have.
  • she looks classic and in the norm with its simple elegance and good taste.
  • We are mistaken... because the look gives off a fantasy, the smile speaks of humour and the
    body message is written in feminine language. The whole breathes balance, an availability, an invitation.
  • She is 48 years old and divorced after 20 years of married life. Born into a loving family, she has drawn from it the values of stability and sharing.
  • A non-practicing Catholic, her journey is due to her merits and efforts: DUT. GEA Finances-Opta-ESC Art com-sale.
  • Today, at ease in her activities, she lets her natural optimism speak for itself, strives to find a companion, to build a fulfilling relationship with a passport for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and not so much more !
  • Knowing, dear sir, who burn with envy to know her that she loves animals, the charm of the twilights more than the little clever ones, and, by the way, a few daily cigarettes and still we forgot ... she speaks English from medium to very correct.
  • In the happiness of living, undertaking and assuming the battles if life demands it.
  • Sincere and committed, responsible, reliable.
  • Extroverted and open to others.
  • At once demanding and relaxed, simple and refined.
  • Tolerant ideas and creative spirit.
  • Travel... a lot.
  • Politics... likewise
  • Music a lot, classical, jazz, piano, cello High woods.
  • Reading ... more .... More ... Great literature, novels, history, philosophy...
  • Sport... Enough ... horseback riding, walking, badminton.
  • And then ... His violin Ingres contemplation.
  • Decorating, DIY, entertaining friends, photography, flea markets.
  • European French, Canadian, Australian, American of any religion except Muslim.
  • Higher education or self-taught.
  • An honest, receptive, tolerant, kind and gentle being.
  • Between 48 and 65; it doesn't matter which region.

Between Paris and Bordeaux

Specialist doctor, 36 years old

The Greeks, great designers of Art before History would say: "Beauty has neither country nor frontier, neither colour nor hemisphere, it cannot be explained, it is there".

  • 36 years old, her smile, her joy of living , her long black hair that brightens on the shoulder, adds the freshness of a preserved youth.
  • Let's complete the picture:
    • 36 YEARS OLD THEREFORE, specialist doctor, single without children, Catholic.
  • And let's add the details 
    • she speaks English, French and German at school father Cardiologist, education in the classical precepts brother and sisters who gave her the sense of sharing.
  • A taste for the evening more than for the morning - non-smoker, loves animals but doesn't have any.
  • Open when she knows
  • Reserved for her moments
  • Optimistic about life
  • Generous with others
  • Refined in her tastes
  • Emotional... with her shyness...
  • Creative ideas
  • Enemy of routines
  • Respectful of the SACRED.
  • Music, Jazz, classical, soul music, play the piano and the
  • Read... TRIALS, biographies, She also likes a little bit of everything...
  • Restaurants, nature, concerts, flea market, going dancing, fashion
  • Do-it-yourself - and above all... think of the one who will share your life.
  • Sport side: Athletics, hiking, indoor sports Golf (initiation)
  • From 33 to 47 years old
  • French or European
  • Mixed, unmixed, whatever.
  • Single, divorced or widowed but no children
  • Virile, ambitious, a presence, a protector with a sense of family.


company manager, 38 years old

  • SHE: 
    • Life... A freshness... An emotion... A very current image... Where modernity and romanticism are mixed.
    • Very long brown hair, green eyes, a child's smile... NOTHING that hints at the early fifties, and EVERYTHING that betrays a creative and entrepreneurial dimension.
    • She is divorced and works as manager at the head of her design and fashion concept company, which she distributes in many countries.
  • Path of life ... exciting ...
    • Born in the heart of an old European capital rich
      in history, in a united family.

      Graduate studies at the Parsons School of Design in New
      York and then at the University of Applied Arts.

    •  At the age of 26, she got married, followed by 31 years of happy married life.
      Then one day friendship replaced love,
      and a separation followed, without tumult or shouting.

    •  At the age of 38, she founded her company, then revealed herself to be a talented polyglot; English, German, French, Italian.

Between Qatar and France

Minister Delegate , 50 years old

  • She is one of those women who have a sparkle and who make you want to live without stopping in the middle of the ford.
  • The 50 coming up fits her like a glove. Brown mane and black eyes, she is sunny, typical and always smiling.
  • Quite fashionable and up to date, it knows how to highlight a slim and toned silhouette.
  • Now that she's single and childless again, she's taken stock. She feels ready today for a strong, lasting and deep relationship.
  • In the city, she is head of department in an international organization, the culmination of a successful career. First state engineer in industrial engineering, then a master's degree in economics abroad.
  • And in life she is a non-smoker, rather sporty and early morning, and not very fond of animals at home.

Between Geneva, Nice and Paris

international mediator, 64 years old

  • She is one of those women whose absence is quickly noticed: because there is something in their personality called radiance and joy of life.
  • At 64, she has kept that glow, a blonde, and a chic taste. In a sea-blue trouser suit and high heels, we would like to invite her to a great restaurant in some capital of Europe or the world.
  • She is divorced without children and is a self-employed professional.
  • At a younger age, she earned a doctorate in humanities and educational sciences.
  • Catholic, she has a communicative outlook on the world, she speaks German, French, English and a little Italian. She also likes to get up early but not to have her first cigarette because she doesn't smoke.
  • Today one thing interests him more than anything else: Sharing with his soul mate all the riches and tastes that their two personalities will offer.
  • Full of life and knows the joy of life
  • Optimistic, Laughing, Enjoying humor
  • Curious, outgoing, creative
  • Dynamic and impatient
  • With good self-confidence and assertiveness qualities
  • Refined and demanding on the quality of beings and things
  • Writing and of course reading
  • Singing, more before she played the piano...
  • Travelling, preferably by individual circuit
  • A little classical music, some disco, a little rock.
  • Tennis, golf, swimming
  • Ruquier's show "on est pas couchĂ©" .
  • Nature
  • Restaurant or entertaining at home
  • A man from 60 to 67 years old
  • French or European
  • Cultured - refined - caring and open to the world


  • If all sixty were like hers, the world would be forever cheerful, fresh, playful, with a share of dreaming that takes away the sorrows of life.
  • She does not therefore leave indifferent and yet she is a woman with a discreet approach despite her fawn hair with red tones, her slim waist and large hazel eyes, her light complexion.
  • A look all her own, with an artistic note, without excess, but which contributes to this impression of preserved youth.
  • At 65 spring, she has been an annuitant and widow for several years now. With activities in the associative world and the arts. Nevertheless, she is thinking of rebalancing her emotional life to better share the pleasures of life.
  • Her background, studies in psychology and English. Then marriage and 29 years of married life before his spouse disappeared.
  • For her, the most important thing in everyday life is tolerance and respect for others. She loves children, animals, cats and especially her little Mirabelle plum. She's a non-smoker.
  • Emotive
  • Reserved, discreet, attentive because she does not put herself forward or talk about herself easily.
  • However, comfortable and confident, she is sociable and pleasant.
  • She is sentimental, ardent, sincere and faithful, generous to those she loves.
  • She's cautious and careful with trouble getting into what she doesn't feel.
  • The mind is curious with a share of dreaming and escape. Also has a sense of repartee.
  • Travel
  • Walking
  • The theater
  • The opera
  • A museum and the arts in general
  • and a lot of other things...
  • From 65 to 75 years old
  • Physical and moral elegance
  • Tolerant with first and foremost respect for others
  • An emotional, caring
  • French-speaking ...


  • Feminine, slender,

Blue eyes, quiet,

A perfect blonde,

And understated elegance.

Maurice Leblanc, in these novels,

Would have made secret love,

From a gentleman named Lupin,

And named, say, Arsene.

  • At 38 years old, while she has kept her teenage figure, she has acquired a lot. Already a well-made head: International Trade Law, and DEA- ASSAS. Even to the point of chasing them away... heads! By a sound judgment and a sense of analysis, guided by the esteem of others.
  • Single without children - not for long, she will bring in the basket a finesse, charm and values of righteousness, fidelity, exigency, in accordance with her reformed education.
  • If success accompaniesher career, she is been waiting in the private side of her life. There has certainly been a time of life together, long enough to realize that their common ideals and convictions shone through their absences. All that remained was the courage not to get bogged down and the courage not to sink into the waters of uncertain chance. Until the day when she was told about Monceau st HonorĂ©, a path whereothers like her simply found their happiness.
  • Dynamic, sparkling, fresh but also sensitive, emotional, receptive.
  • But under fragile exteriors, she is a dynamic volunteer, perfectionist in her actions and upright in her head.
  • In the city, it is elegant, open to others, refined, aesthetically pleasing.
  • And in private, listening, faithful, whole and loyal, often creative, which does not spoil anything.
  • French films
  • Films d'auteurs
  • Politics and current affairs
  • Theater, photo, museum
  • A heliophile, she loves the sea but also nature and walks.
  • Aesthetics and fashion
  • A good novel and a little bit of all the music...
  • Downhill skiing, water skiing, swimming, cycling, running...
  • And then the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean.
  • Single or divorced but no more than two children.
  • French, European, between 40 and 50 years old.
  • Religion can count.
  • An upright, generous, faithful, caring, stable, balanced man.

Between Paris and the Var

Marketing Manager

  • As the song says, "Brunettes don't count as plums..."

The one we are interested in does not deviate with, let's say, a few solid assets on top of it.

  • A spicy, preserved freshness, a movement in the hair, a strand a rebellious strand that flirts with the eyelid.
  • Green eyes and a look of defiance, cheerfulness, irony, fantasy.
  • And then a modern look, both chic and casual, and above all attractive.
  • At the beginning of her fifties, we discover her as Marketing and Operations Manager of a large company.
  • Divorced, after 25 years as a couple, she feels ready to drink again the elixir of life, especially since her grail is made of hope and optimism for her own good and for that of the other.
  • A little history...
  • A happy childhood
  • A non-practising Catholic family with classical values
  • Graduate studies leading to an MBA in Marketing International-Business
  • A good knowledge of Shakespeare's language, Cervantes' language, not forgetting Moliere's, and enough to make yourself understood in Florence, Rome, Milan, Turin...
  • And today...

She goes on:

  • To be non-smoking
  • Renovating her apartment
  • And to be more of an evening than a morning
  • People who know what they want, have seriousness, self-respect and vigilance, stability and optimism.
  • Rational, structured, realistic, positive.
  • Sociable feelings, generous, whole, constant, concerned about clarity.
  • Eclectic tastes, refined, comfortable, where the sensory has its place.
  • The sea
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • The news
  • A thriller in the movies
  • The theater
  • The series on TV
  • A novel to immerse oneself in it
  • Yoga, pilates, aquabike, to get moving.
  • Go dancing
  • Listen to Jazz, Pop, or variety music.
  • A flea market
  • A restaurant
  • Oenology
  • Receiving and having friends
  • A Frenchman, a European and why not an American.
  • Graduate school.
  • A responsible, open, serious, dynamic, positive and enthusiastic man.
  • Loving like her; the sea, a trip, a brunch, a picnic, an evening by the fire.

Between Paris and Near Province

Lawyer and Veterinarian

  • My first is a woman... divorced.
  • My second is a woman who has had several successful jobs as a lawyer and veterinarian.
  • My third is a woman who has kept her sparkle and charm. We could see her in an Anglo-Saxon TV series, rather long blond hair floating in the wind of the plains, beautiful blue eyes, a look and a silhouette worthy of a horsewoman. With that a heroine smile as comfortable in her stirrups as with a golf club!
  • My fourth: Feeling good about yourself and your life.
  • My fifth lists all the details: Christian, 4 brothers, 2 sisters, wealthy and cultured background, non-smoker, loves children and animals, speaks English and very little French.
  • My everything is the woman you absolutely must meet !!! Provided you have the password, ... Monceau St HonorĂ©.
  • Extroverted, very expressive
  • Adaptable, optimistic
  • Active, determined in his choices
  • Open-minded, curious, tolerant, rational, pragmatic
  • Courageous in the face of adversity
  • With a generous and honest heart
  • Playing golf.
  • ride the horse.
  • Walking.
  • Playing piano and cello, listening to music in general.
  • Trekking.
  • Follow the news.
  • Architecture, museums, restaurants.
  • A Frenchman but also speaking English, widowed or divorced.
  • Between the ages of 60 and 72.
  • Having a child.
  • Higher education.
  • Kind, upright, honest.
  • Golfer or sportsman, so much the better!


International Sales Director, Major Cosmetics Group

  • Long brown hair, a matte complexion, a mix of Meghane Merkel and Salma Hayek, a warm and communicative smile and look, she has kept a freshness of childhood. The harmonious and proportionate silhouette is the best way to underline it. In the voice, as in the expression, one quickly feels the mould of a environment that is both loving and of traditional values. Just like the mark of a personality to be discovered.
  • Rather studious, Bac+6, she studied in the most prestigious business schools including Harvard (USA). In addition to French, fluent English - of course - and Italian.

She then worked her way up through the ranks of world-renowned companies and became sales director of a prominent company with many prospects for the future.

Throughout these years there are, happily, the drifts: singing and diving, of which she is a graduate,...the piano...she's going to get back to it.

  • All that is missing are the joys of the heart and the fullness of feelings, which she thinks she has found for a short time. She feels that these things are close, and that fate will smile on her. A companion forever and children to come, here is something to colour his thoughts and dreams in blue.
  • Elegant, generous, concerned not to disappoint, in love with excellence.
  • Optimistic, upright, fair, organized-minded
  • Epicurean, refined
  • Courageous, studious
  • Artist in his own time
  • non-practising Catholic
  • His job, study, fulfill himself
  • Singing, piano 
  • Reading, law, finance, personal development
  • Walking, swimming, horseback riding
  • Travelling, all countries
  • Current events, political life
  • Cinema, circle of dead poets and suspense films
  • TV news, NETFLIX
  • Smoking... no... maybe a little here and there!
  • Animals, but she doesn't have any, more dogs than cats...
  • One French, one European, one American, one English, 40 to 50 years old.
  • It doesn't matter if you're divorced or single, with or without children.
  • Higher education, intelligence, sense of humor.
  • Serious without taking ourselves seriously.
  • Elegant, benevolent, reassuring, generous.

Between Geneva and Paris


  • She would embody for a filmmaker, a passionaria, a heroine of modern times.
  • For a painter, an etching, a face with chestnut hair running backwards to the breath of a sea breeze.
  • For a stylist, a slim and toned silhouette with a pure elegance.
  • For a writer of detective fiction, a pep's, dog...
  • And for you, sir, who are in his age group, a strong and pressing desire to meet a woman in her sixties, which we would never give her.
  • She is one of those people who have a kind of destiny, between their place of birth and the place where their life will unfold.
  • A non-practicing Catholic and now divorced, she feels ready again to help destiny to give her another one!
  • She prefers to live in the evening rather than at dawn, does not smoke rather than do the opposite, and has no prejudices against animals.
  • Striking, lively, direct.
  • Honest and sincere.
  • Generous and whole-hearted.
  • Logical and synthetic mind.
  • Quickly becoming annoyed with what she finds useless and superfluous.
  • Realistic and courageous.
  • Demanding on the quality of beings and things.
  • Travel, a tour, a hotel.
  • Politics and current events.
  • The arts in general.
  • Especially golf, tennis and swimming.
  • Read, a lot.
  • Its interior too...
  • A restaurant, decoration, a concert, a play and entertaining.
  • He'll be between 60 and 71 years old.
  • French or European.
  • Religion matters as well as values.
  • A man who is available, full of life and broad-minded.

Between London and Paris


  • LONG SMOOTH HAIR SMOOTH COLOUR FALL in rolls on the shoulder. The look is zen, the charm subtle and discreet that deserves to be lingered on. She is one of those slim, slender women with a modern, casual but chic style.
  • THERE IS IN IT like a perfume from far away or from another time. We could see her as a character in a novel in "Cruise on the Nile", or maybe as a ... unknown character in "The Orient Express"!
  • At 46 years old she runs her own publishing company and... in the private sector she is divorced.
  • From a non-practising Catholic family, she opted for a Business School course of study, followed by a B.A. in International Business. Because of her origins she speaks English and French and then adds a string to her bow; the language of Cervantes. One thing leading to another, her taste for the arts and crafts led her to publishing.
  • She likes to think that the wheel of fortune and the cart of happiness will be around very soon. And why not thanks to the mysteries of Monceau st HonorĂ©?
  • Big enough to describe herself.

"I have an open and curious nature and I like to meet others and learn from their differences. I like to enjoy life, laugh and take things in perspective. I am mischievous but determined when the situation requires it, able to take charge of projects. Genuine, I'm a person you can count on. I like to spend time with my friends. »

  • We don't have much to add.
  • Extroverted, optimistic
  • Creative, rational
  • Generous, tolerant.
  • Her job, her home
  • Trips, tours, hotels, trekkings
  • Biographies, novels
  • The news
  • The piano she plays, and both pop and classical music...
  • What glides ... that is skiing and water-skiing.
  • What else?
  • Go dancing
  • Going to the restaurant
  • Go to the concert
  • Going to the theater
  • Going to see a comedy or a historical movie
  • Turn on the TV for a report or news item.
  • And... we were going to forget, the kids and the cats!

French, or not, it doesn't matter, as long as he's open, cultured, with qualities of heart and reliable.

He will be between 45 and 60 years old and will have had some higher education.


company director

  • Long brown hair cascading down the shoulder...
  • The softness of the look...
  • A luscious complexion that inclines to love...
  • A natural elegance...

WOMEN CROSSING THE AGES, across borders and seas.

  • Single without children, in her early forties, she is a consultant in computer systems and finance.
  • One course provided, ESCEM, M.B.A at ISEG, another at Oxford in organisation and leadership.
  • Polyglot sides that don't spoil anything: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and a bit of German.
  • Catholic, she doesn't practice, nor does she smoke.
  • On the love garden side, there were a few rose thorns and a few weeds, not to mention a few years of married life where the gentleman didn't get more involved than that. Today she knows what she wants and what would suit her, starting with a choice: MONCEAU ST HONORE.
  • Feminine, pleasant, elegant.
  • Reserved, shy when she doesn't know, open and engaging when she has taken her bearings.
  • Sentimental, affectionate and sensory.
  • Serious in her choices, doesn't like to disappoint, demanding.
  • Eclectic, curious to discover and an artist in her tastes.
  • A trip without a guide, visit the major capitals, a hotel in the Seychelles, Thailand, or somewhere in Asia.
  • Coaching, personal development, arts, singing, activities that she wants to develop.
  • Yoga, zumba, pilates.
  • A thriller, a romantic comedy or a thriller in the movies.
  • A concert, a good restaurant.
  • Rather Latin, French, European, foreign, or even mixed.
  • From 37 to 47 years old, preferably without children.
  • Religion matters.
  • A reliable, generous, respectful, sociable, intelligent, intelligent, funny at times, and if he is a little manual, so much the better.



The slightly blurred drawing of his beautiful blond hair could have inspired Titian or, closer to us, Hamilton.

With a fine, fragile and determined look, as soon as it comes to life it gives off a personality, combining an intellectual and creative profile with an instinctive sense of turning towards others...

Elegant with a very personal charm, the smile is warm, the line tonic; she takes care of her image but with simplicity and naturalness.

She's a widow.

Through an international career, mobilizing people and structures to cooperate and transform has always been his vocation. Today, she decided to settle down a little more, while continuing to do what she loves. With humour and a smile, she says it's time to enjoy life a little for her own pleasure and happiness.

She works as a Human Development Director in a group, after graduate studies


Always driven by novelty, his creativity and permanent curiosity easily opens him to new knowledge and new worlds...

But behind this thirst for enterprise and strong energy, she knows that her great receptivity to the world and to things requires her to recharge her batteries to keep the same quality of commitment and the pleasure of the present moment...

Catholic, she doesn't practice.

Morning or evening? ...whatever.

Spoken languages, English - French.

Multi-faceted personality.

Active, enterprising, full of projects, optimistic,

Curious about life, rational and creative at the same time.

But also sensitive to the world around her, very feminine,

With a reserved and fragile side.

Elegant, neat, image conscious, and tasteful.


Demanding on the quality of beings and things.

Generous constant and loyal in love, honest and

Right in its values.

  • His violin by Ingres, Arts and Crafts.
  • Reading, she calls herself Lectivore!
  • Gymnastics, swimming.
  • Painting, fashion, decoration.
  • Receive or go to a restaurant.
  • Travel and follow the news.
  • He'll be between 54 and 64 years old.
  • Optimistic in his view of the world.
  • A man who knows how to take care of himself.
  • Who has for the other benevolence, respect and attention
  • Who will have values and above all nothing extreme in Religion or opinion.
  • Who won't be in a situation of poor decency or complexity.
  • European or foreign - but not living too far away.


Real Estate Negotiator

What happens when you're rather tall, slender, gorgeous, up to date and casual, and you're 34 years old, and you're single, a real estate negotiator, with long dark brown hair and blue eyes? Well, we're not short of male votes or

of suitors from the gate of the "tender".

• Except that the lady is looking for the right one, the one who will be able to both seduce and give the pages of a love like the ocean. Deep, immense, with its calms, its storms, its tides, its fertility, its colours, never the same but always surprising.

•  She is born in a good environment, where values, a quality of being and living, and a demand are transmitted. After the baccalaureate, she chose to study communication literature.

Fluent in English, French and some notions of the language of Cervantes. Then it is the meeting with the real estate world and the career thus begins.

• She's Catholic; practicing? Rather she says, which means not always! On the other hand, she's always early in the morning, always loves dogs, and the same goes for a few cigarettes a day. We didn't tell you, but she wants to have children.

  • Extroverted,
  • generous
  • cheerful
  • curious
  • casual but neat
  • traditional without rigidity
  • demanding in her choices
  • rational person
  • emotional at heart, whose aspirations are serious and wholehearted as well as complicit and to the point.

• The sun.

• Feet in the water and, in fact, everything to do with water. The sea, travel,

the pool, the shores, the boats, nature, walking.

• Human relations.

• All the readings, the restaurants.

• Movies, television, entertaining.

• Some French varieties, pop.

• But for fashion, museums, architecture or DIY, it's... bof and re... bof!

• Single or divorced.

• Catholic.

• Pleasant, kind, funny, sincere, strong, independent, constructive, good level of education

same region as her, but from another country... why not?

Between China and Paris

Director of communications for a large international group

  • When brunettes are beautiful . . :
  • Hair : Crow's wing
  • Complexion: rather matt
  • Eyes: sparkling, hazelnut-coloured
  • Height: slender, 6 feet tall...
  • Smile: bright
  • Legs: thin and curved...
  • Style: modern chic - made in Paris
  • Catholic: non-practising
  • Age range: 40 in progress.
  • This makes her an excellent communications director in a large international group... which she is.
  • Today: back to being single after a long life together. With, at the end of the day, divergent interests and paths. All the more reason to be ready for a true convergence of feelings, to invent, live and blossom together.
  • For the record...
  • Postgraduate studies at EDHEC followed by a DESS in International Affairs at Dauphine.
  • With English, French and German "fluent" and notions of Italian and Spanish. Enough to criss-cross Europe and the vast world!
  • Everyday, morning, non-smoking, loving children but no longer wishing to make them, loving cats preferably "domestic", for the "wild", it's sure on TV on "National Geographic".
  • And... don't tell me again... the lady in question is a colonel in the Air Force Citizen Reserve... surprising, isn't it?
  • Tonic and enterprising
  • Open and tolerant
  • Cheerful, cheerful, optimistic and positive
  • But also sensitive, authentic, whole and tender
  • Never short of obstacles
  • Serious without taking ourselves seriously
  • Ambitious in her job
  • Casual with a sense of humour
  • Refined tastes.
  • And the heart... you guessed it, generous.
  • Italy and travel in general, to discover civilizations, art and culture.
  • History and geopolitics.
  • Running, skydiving and skiing.
  • Romantic cinema, adventure cinema... and when there's both at the same time, it's better!
  • Musicwise, the one that moves, rock of course and opera... why not.
  • You like to dance, she'll be okay...
  • Restaurants, museums, going to the theater.
  • Walks to discover cities and exhibitions around the world.
  • With a soft spot for "The Fashion".
  • French or European.
  • Rather tall and elegant with a certain poise.
  • Within 45 years, up to about 57.
  • Graduate school.
  • Sensitive, pleasant, generous, solid, serious not taking himself seriously.
  • An open relationship.
  • Ambitious and moving forward.
  • Also non-smoking.


Export Area Manager

  • The spiciness of a brunette, a bewitching look, an elegant Mediterranean colour, long cascading hair. Both the eternal woman and in her mischievous eyes, something from childhood.
  • She is 38 years old, single - but not for long - and is responsible for the export area in a major company.
  • After graduating from business school, she went on to pursue an MBA - USA - which she earned. In the process she is perfecting her English and German.
  • A non-practising Catholic, she grew up in a loving family rich in values.
  • If she has never lacked of often eager suitors, the couple's life section only has one item stamped ...

The fault lies with bad luck, distance and cultural differences. And even to an emotional maturity that took its time.

  • Animals? She's not a fan, or tobacco for that matter.
  • Emotional, friendly, cheerful, optimistic, often funny but also abrupt and direct.
  • Refined tastes and broad life concepts.
  • Creative, rational, she knows how to bounce back.
  • Always the inquisitive mind.
  • Both traditional and original, she has her own expectations and models, which push her to look upwards.
  • All ways to travel
  • Music that makes you dance (rock - latino - pop)
  • Reading, often personal development
  • Playing tennis, swimming and running
  • Theatre in Paris
  • Receive friends
  • Fashion, a museum, a restaurant, multimedia, cinema
  • Single
  • Rather beautiful brown, Mediterranean style
  • 35 to 43 years old, wanting children
  • French, European, Italian, Lebanese
  • Thin but not skinny
  • Affectionate, generous, from a good family.

Between Istanbul, Brussels and Paris

Manager large international group

A woman to the tips of her fingernails... with a beautiful oval face, long hair in reddish-brown tones, a slim waist, a slender silhouette and a je ne sais quoi of romanticism and elsewhere.

She is just 35 years old, she is single, she works as a brand manager.

For the record, she is interested in everything international, thanks to her personal culture and family background.

She's not a smoker,

Rather morning than evening,

Enough with the "animals."

Ready to have a child,

And is indifferent to questions of politics and religion.

  • Emotional.
  • Receptive, listening.
  • Extroverted but with restraint so as to preserve his personal garden.
  • Think about it, take the time to weigh things.
  • Honest, respectful of everyone's values.
  • Able to include oneself with discipline and respect within the framework proposed to him/her, with loyalty.
  • Safety-conscious.
  • And surprisingly fancy beaches.

As by his affectionate side.

  • The Arts (paintings, architecture, concerts, theatre, she also tries her hand at the piano).
  • Flea markets.
  • Museums.
  • Restaurants.
  • A walk in the nature, a walk or a movie.
  • The story, read, watch reports or a show.
  • His house, his home, with as a hobby, horse riding and design.
  • As for travel, it's okay. All right for Europe or America with a little extra for the tours.
  • He's French or European, maybe even American.
  • Single or divorced.
  • Childless.
  • He went to graduate school.
  • He's honest, he has a good heart.
  • Knowing how to be fun.
  • Being a volunteer will be part of his qualities.


Self-employed real estate consultant

Sometimes heaven gives gifts,

For her, the silhouette is very feminine, curved, toned, a natural elegance.

For her again, a look, the fawn reflection of the hair, the pulpy design of the mouth.

In her mid-40s she was able to keep all the assets.

A real asset for this real estate consultant who has become single again after a decade as a couple.

Beyond these qualities that the first contact delivers, one feels a woman who is careful not to get lost and who gives herself goals. Behind optimism a finesse a choice of life.

For his previous relationship suffered from too great a difference in the way of life.

In terms of her career, she was able to climb the ladder from a good level of education.

The commercial fiber, she's got it. She can handle "English" and "Spanish".

Keeps away from religions and feels fit in the morning; come on.... it's worth a bit of smoke but no more than 2 cigarettes a day... and more!

  • Elegant, optimistic, generous and relaxed.
  • Those who know how to combine head on their shoulders with a grain of madness.
  • And those who hate to mess with the
  • Lesser cloud in the blue sky.
  • Refined tastes with a sense of demand and quality.
  • Dancing
  • Skiing
  • Yoga
  • Trekking
  • Swimming in the open sea.
  • So is the mountain.
  • A journey abroad in the singular as well as in the plural.
  • A movie
  • A debate on TV
  • A museum
  • A concert
  • A restaurant
  • Arts in general.
  • The music that fascinates her with all the styles it contains.
  • Read a little bit of everything.
  • The gentleman will have in the 50/55, will live in Paris and the Paris region.
  • Serious, generous heart and humour.
  • Pretty tall, 5'10" - 6'1" a presence.
  • There's nothing religious about it.
  • Preferably no pursed lips and small eyes.

Between the Province and Paris


  • It's a woman. off the beaten track and away from agreed patterns
  • A brunette, head carriage,
  • A slim waist
  • A presence,
  • A sweet and laughing look
  • It's a woman. predictable
  • The warmth of the heart
  • Authenticity of values
  • A woman that one would see as a châtelaine, an earthy, epicurean, out of a novel by Emilie BrontĂ©e or even Denis Tillinac. Unless it's from Mauriac.
  • A woman who starts with serenity and fantasy about sixty who don't say his name.
  • Divorced...after 23 years of married life and a husband who leaves her for another.
  • And who we know is retired.
  • Generous, humane, sensitive,
  • All casual and fancy
  • Creative
  • Sensory, epicurean, laughing
  • Knowing how to look ahead
  • Welcoming, accepting, offering
  • While having its independence as well as the understanding of others.
  • Nature
  • The natural
  • The gift of self
  • The animal cause
  • The Ways of Compostela
  • Biographies, ancient civilizations, not to mention the classics.
  • Go to the theatre, listen to a jazz tune, a blues theme, follow the news.
  • Who admits to a preference for Italy, a penchant for decorating
  • Who's apolitical
  • Who speaks English and Spanish
  • A being in kindness, understanding, fantasy with also a knowledge to live and
  • Presence and protection
  • Between the ages of 58 and 70.