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Between Paris and Province

ARCHITECT of the patrimony , 65 years old

  • The fashion being digital, why not have some fun with this formulation? Even if the character that follows, although endowed with an artistic and creative touch, risks being sketched in Black and White.
  • Sex: Male
  • Appearance: Young, dynamic, sporty
  • Age : 65 years old
  • Physical: preserved
  • Style: Modern, casual, studied, comfortable
  • Job : Liberal - Heritage Architect
  • Note: Does more "ARCHITECT" than "Heritage"!
  • Religion: Catholic; practising ? : No
  • Lifestyle - Morning, Non-smoking
  • Animals - Children : OK
  • Situation: Divorced without children.

As for him, he is: a rather extroverted man, relaxed; courteous with a reserve space of seriousness and exigency.
Very active, sporty; also a vigilant being who knows how to take care of himself and his priorities.

  • What you need to know about his tastes - Hobbies and miscellaneous:
    - Likes: his job, his interior, the Arts.
    - Does: cycling, walking, swimming, mountains.
    - Prefers: Architecture, decoration, DIY, broaching.
    - Goes : To the theatre, cinema.
    - Follows: News - politics - restaurants.

As for her: A woman from 48 to 60 years old - well-groomed - honest - attractive, fresh - French higher education or self-taught with or without children - well-balanced.

Paris Region

CHEF OF COMPANY , 43 years old

  • Male
  • Big size, presence,
  •  A casual look but, on closer inspection, chic "A touch of fashion".
  • 43 years old, divorced after 10 years together.
  • His gaze, interesting, deep, posed, which does not deviate, goes to the bottom of things, for a high forehead that expresses the intelligence and life of the spirit.
  • His career: company manager; D.E.S.C.F. graduate, he is well versed in the mysteries of business and financial circles.
  • Its origins: Man is at the confluence of continents. Of Beninese nationality, he is at ease with Western values. He is also 

Pretty devout Catholic.

  • His lifestyle. Favours evenings more than the foggy mornings of the capital! He likes the companions on his feet even if no doggie or tomcat treads on his carpet !
  • Tobacco side is rather modest and weak, 4 to 5 cigarettes per day ....
    And per person.
  • Good character, rich contrasts, sensitive, optimistic, responsive, serious, demanding, but also generous, moving forward with pragmatism and refined tastes.
  •  Travel, an individual tour, a hotel, a tour package, why not?
  • Political life and current events,
  • In sports Basketball and Football which he practices,
  • In music jazz - Soul,
  • In movies, action films and comedies,
  • In arts: theatre, museums, the charm of a flea market,
  • Miscellaneous: Nature and walks,
  • His first years as a couple, unfortunately burdened by numerous disputes, taught him the need for compatible profiles.
  • Harmony he will find it with Monceau St HonorĂ©.
  • She'll be between 30 and 40.
  • French, European, mixed race, coloured, or not
  • His religion matters.
  • With or without children
  • Higher education or self-taught
  • Calm, stable, tolerant, loving children, optimistic about life.


DIPLOMATE , 38 years old

  • He is one of those people who, from a young age, are immersed in an international environment, at the confluence of several cultures. Western and Hispanic.
  •  He is, one guesses, DIPLOMATE 
  • Aged 38 years old, life is all offered to him after a divorce, the result of an error of choice and social environment.
  •  Brown hair smoothed backwards, velvet eyes from which pierces a je ne sais quoi of Oriental, so black and white photo to something romantic.
  • Add to that a fashionable, discreet fragrance that makes him a young man of his time.
  •  After studying finance in Paris DAUPHINE and armed with a solid practice in English-Spanish-French and Arabic. He started in what is still known today as "LA CARRIEREERE".
  • To say more: a loving family, values, and a sense of sharing his way of life, more nightingale in the evening than chickadee in the morning.
  • Loves animals, wants to have children, and is a non-smoker.
  • Both open and in love with life, generous and a little emotional and shy.
  • Beneath the calm, rounded exterior lies a sensitive, mobile, traveling being, eager to reach the goal.
  • He needs to feel loved while maintaining his personal domain.
  • A cultured, quick, critical, pragmatic and creative mind, open to the Arts and Aesthetics.
  • Epicurean, refined tastes.
  • Current events,
  •  Politics, as well as his profession, travel.
  • Music, electro, piano.
  • Architecture, fashion, decoration, photography.
  • Go dancing, a good restaurant, entertain friends.

And also .... NATURE, SWIMMING.

  • Allure, impact, feminine charm, taste - but a character :
  •  Autonomous
  •  Flexible, adaptable
  • Tolerant, understanding
  • Balanced.
  •  Honest, sincere, reliable.
  • Other country accepted,
  • Rather - Lebanon - Egypt - Iran - Syria
  • IMPORTANT: from 25 to 27 years old single without children.

Between France and abroad

Surgeon , 69 years old

  • Surgeon
  • Divorced
  • Sometimes... the names are misleading. One could imagine him as a bourgeois, well seated, well established in the world of urban conventions. With a weekend in Deauville or on the Riviera, Rotary club and Republican circle ... etc...
  • Well, I don't. We'd have it all wrong and wrong from afar... because the man is thinking outside the box. He's an atypical man, attracted by exceptional situations and the generosity of action that goes with them. With that, a rather adventurous physique, a tall, tonic, fit man. And who lugs around a relaxed look that is neither vulgar nor ordinary.


  • What about his story?
    • Born in a loving family with a harmonious climate, in Paris, a non-practising Catholic, he is the eldest of the siblings. His childhood memories: a beautiful complicity with his father. After high school, it is the Faculty of Medicine, a title of doctor and a speciality surgery.
    • Equipped with an indispensable sesame, English, he opted for an exercise abroad. On the heart side, two marriages; the first in his youth. Which was short, a mistake. The second one, lasting
      22 years, ended in his beautiful death; a misunderstanding against a background of divergent characters.
    • For twelve years now, this great emotional being has been feeling a void, that of solitude. In full health, both physically and morally, he needs to live together, with prospects for the future; gentle and loving seeks gentleness and complicity and preferably without waiting too long.
  • With ... a punchy character, frank from the necklace and whole for the rest. And always open to others, willing to face the obstacle. Committed and a man of convictions, he can sometimes be excessive. At least we know where we stand, why and how.


  • He is a courageous man who does not hesitate to move the lines, nor to get to the heart of the matter. But not only that. Behind him, there is a sensitivity that opens the paths of the human being. And also an appetite for discovery driven by a junior's enthusiasm.

 Find out for sure, but what?

  • "In Distant Lands", the work of writer Jack London, would suit him well. Indeed what is far away attracts him, from overseas to elsewhere. Where human genius gives birth to cultures and ways of being and living.
  • He saw Mauritania, Reunion, Wallis and Futuna, Canada, the northern islands. But to pastich J.Brel...
  • he hasn't seen Vesoul !!!
  • Authors, readings, subjects, novels, stories...
  • And sounds, through music.
  • Sensations through refined tastes and through sport: the maintenance of body and mind.

This leads to the last chapter entitled "She seen by Him."

  • Tender, gentle affectionate
  •  Autonomous, creative, tolerant
  •  Loves to travel
  •  Beautiful in both soul and body

Paris Region

Human Resources Executive - Age 39

  • Everything about him exudes finesse and sensitivity. Finesse of the glance, finesse of the face, finesse of the body and attachments, finesse of the tastes and character. A touch of elegance and modernism completes a character that arouses sympathy.
  • He ... is a human resources executive

He... is single.

But... eager at 39 not to be.

  • Of Rwandan origin, French of culture and education, from a family of teachers, he had the chance to grow up in a loving environment, harmonious with values. As a protester, he believes in the merit of the individual and the duties of the human being.
  • His studies... he's going to go to what interests him: the Human. He holds a Master's degree in Human Resources and a related management position. At the same time, he developed his taste for writing and particularly for poetry.
  • On the emotional side, he needed some time. The one it took for the child to fade into the profile of the adult male. Thus he feels today ready to look in the same direction as his companion, ready to make concessions.

To the desire to discover the other is added the desire to be a father and in turn to transmit. Beyond envy, there is the conviction of being ready for the couple, ready for happiness.

  • Open, curious to discover but intimate and reserved
  • Tolerant of opinion but refined and demanding
  • Emotional, sensitive, but calm and composed.
  • Serious but full of humour and kindness.
  • Cerebral, rational but creative and a friend of the arts.
  • Literature, poetry, philosophy, the arts
  • The news, foreign countries, know them
  • Football, jogging, biathlon.
  • The "we're not in bed" show.
  • Multimedia, a comedy in cinema
  • Theatre, concerts, museums
  • A woman from 30 to 39 years old
  • French or foreign
  • Childless
  • Pretty, similar in size to his, open, tolerant, creative, humane, generous.
  • Positive, optimistic

Paris Region

Retired engineer

On says that style makes the man ...............................................................................................................................................................

His is made of sober and discreet elegance that never hides a simple and direct tonic naturalness.

Rather tall (1m80) chestnut-grey hair, green eyes, he is far from being an age you will not guess.

Retired engineer, divorced without children, he feels ready to live again as a couple and to discover, as a couple, many new horizons and above all a tenderness that he never had.

Read more about it:

  • A physics degree followed by an AED.
  • Strong knowledge of English and languages in general.
  • Non-practising Catholic.
  • Non-smoking
  • Loving animals but not having any, etc....
  • More like evening than morning.
  • Rational and pragmatic.
  • Emotional without showing it .... By reservation.
  • Open and curious about people and things.
  • Courtesy in simple ways
  • Eclectic and refined tastes
  • Quite dynamic and willful for the most part follower of a kindness well understood.
  • Culture in general - history, economics, sociology, psychology
  • A cine-club, a quality film - a programme on archaeology or political science
  • Baroque, classical music, jazz, poetic songs.
  • A museum, a restaurant from time to time, a flea market, a concert and an occasional theatre play.
  • Walking, gymnastics, and a taste for tennis and horseback riding
  • Even if it means traveling to Spain and Italy.
  • An honest, kind, tender, open-minded woman who knows how to be diplomatic and well-balanced.
  • From 60 to 75 years old
  • French or foreign, mixed race or coloured
  • Without imposed religious behavior.

Paris Region

company director

  • Her tortoiseshell glasses, a trendy light goatee, something aristocratic in her features, give her a look that is both chic and casual.
  • With his salt-and-pepper hair, he looks like a British director or archaeologist and you wouldn't be far wrong. He is a business manager in decoration.
  • 63 years on the civil status and in the private divorced. Non-smoking and more evening than morning.
  • The gentleman's background: graduate of EPPA and higher commercial studies, languages, English.
  • After a 25-year marriage, it was necessary to regain optimism and go before thinking about rebuilding trust. And this time without a mistake.
  • Paradoxical: Sympathetic, open, discreet, pleasant, one quickly feels independent, secretive, very demanding, rather aesthetically pleasing.
  • Creative, critical, imaginative with a mind that is constantly in flux.
  • As intellectual as they are practical and handy.
  • Refined tastes.
  • A man of inspiration, in his art of living and enjoying life.
  • His activity as an entrepreneur
  • Its interior, the decoration, the layout, a flea market
  • Tennis and water skiing
  • Disco music, jazz
  • A play one night on TV.
  • 50 years old 55 years old
  • French and why not mixed race
  • No private religious behaviour
  • Graduate studies

Between Paris and Geneva


If they were all like him...

The meetings would all be pleasant, well-made and announcing the future...

  • Just imagine it; a GENTLEMAN.

Distinction, elegance, dark blue blazer on grey thread pants. He is smiling, sparkling eyes behind thin glasses up to date, chestnut hair and an impeccable cut, 1m79, medium build.

Everything about it breathes the values of good society.

  • The main thing, ladies...
  • Surgeon
  • Nearly 70 years old (impossible to detect), excellent health
  • non-practising Catholic
  • Non-smoking

His brilliant career has taken him abroad; he speaks German and French.

As a couple, more than forty years of life together and then one day the other is no longer the same person. The mood darkens, and love disappears.

  • Feeling available today, young in spirit and full of physical vigour, he tells himself that there is still room to bring to his future companion the bouquets of tenderness that will fill her.
  • A cordial, courteous, friendly relationship.
  • Both humorous, enjoying the laughter and the spirit. Thoughtful and analytical for things of importance.
  • With rich and varied interests.
  • In his sentimental choices, he is sincere, capable of constancy.
  • Activity, sense of reality, order, neatness and aesthetics complete the portrait.
  • The Story
  • Art, architecture, a museum, a flea market, a play...
  • Golf, skiing, hiking and sailing
  • Italy, Spain, Africa, India for travel.
  • She will be between 53 and 63 years old
  • French or foreign, why not...
  • Gentiles, simplicity, natural softness.
  • Vivacity, tenderness and cheerfulness...
  • An elegant, neat, feminine woman...

Between Paris and Geneva


  • Him... industrialist, divorced.
  • The 60th... tonic, earthy and manly.
  • The style... we add 1/3 classic, 1/3 casual, 1/3 rather chic, but ultimately simple.
  • The image... Charcoal grey suit, good craftsman, white shirt with open collar, he could be seen coming out of a "small and medium enterprises" conference. Modern, they tell you ! From the height of his meter + 86 cm, chestnut hair and hazel eyes, he walks a reassuring stature and a debonair smile.


  • Catholic, non-practicing
  • Non-smoking
  • A couple, then a wedding
  • Then a divorce, because, like the mountains, erosion exists with its accomplice wear and tear.
  • Tomorrow will be the time to live more, to live better, especially if we are two and happy to be so.
  • Above all, realistic, positive, hard-working and epicurean.
  • In his relationships, reserved, feeling the ground at first, then friendly and reliable when you know him.
  • Demanding in the face of the quality of things and people. Casual in his manner.
  • He is in his feelings, of those who are called "inner enthusiasts".
  • Pragmatic, wise, optimistic and rarely short of ideas. Often sharp, a little impatient.
  • His profession.
  • Forget about it when you go on a cruise, "history of seeing the country", the joy of discovery...
  • A little music.
  • A little reading.
  • A restaurant, a museum.
  • Receiving friends.
  • He is interested in architecture, decoration, and the arts in general.
  • Other than that, TV and news.
  • French, yes, European too, mixed race why not.
  • Higher education or self-taught.
  • Feminine, attractive, positive.

Between Province and Paris

International Consultant and European Parliamentarian

  • Prestance, discreet elegance and wealthy, one feels the man of taste and classic values. He unintentionally occupies the space. We can sense that he is earthy and even "terroir"; with his amused look and white hair, there is a false air of GABIN in him.
  • Widowed and retired, he's kept his business going. Associate Professor of Law, Honorary Dean of Faculty and legal expert to the European Parliament, man has no intention of taking up his marshal's baton, let alone going to grow his tulips!
  • His life? Worthy of a BALZAC character. The time of studies, the time of the university, then the time of local authorities, missions, functions and commitments. He will earn honours and distinctions that his modesty forbids him to mention. There is also the time of love and family with, as sometimes, a sad climax, widowhood after 32 years of living together.
  • But this great traveller believes in sharing and optimism. Vitality obliges, he opts to continue his life with the one that will please him and win his confidence, a value that he will be able to give him on his side. But first, a few details that sometimes matter. He's Catholic, more of an evening than a morning person, non-smoker and not very fond of animals.
  • With an assertive personality, with a charisma that does not prevent listening to others.
  • Under the bark, it is a sensitive, a little gruff but sociable and friendly.
  • It is demanding on the quality of things. Refined in his tastes, whole in his feelings.
  • He is rational, analytical and creative with a tolerant and measured view of his opinions.
  • Travel, tours, hotels, cruises
  • Classical music
  • Reading
  • Indoor gymnastics, golf, walking...
  • Historical films and political programs
  • A flea market, a good restaurant
  • Above all, his activities, political life and the arts
  • She'll be in her 60s and 70s
  • French or European
  • Cultivated, graduate studies
  • Well-groomed, feminine, elegant, "the eternal feminine" as he likes to emphasize.
  • Having exercised responsibilities
  • Of a relaxed character, happy to live, adaptable, generous, affectionate, caring.



  • It is said that the first impression is the right one: that of a man full of life, with many strings to his bow and full of generosity.
  • Beautiful blond hair worn a little long, with some grey threads, a contagious smile, would be a way of saying, as a movie director would say: "he has a face".
  • In spite of the suit and tie of the best taste, it feels more comfortable in a casual way, a way to start optimistically about sixty promising.
  • He is a lawyer after a prolific student youth, master of philosophy and law, knowledge of Spanish and English.
  • On the private side, a marriage and after 25 years of married life divorce as for many; This non-smoker, rather of the evening who knows how to look towards his future chose Monceau St HonorĂ© to throw the first stone of his future couple.
  • Prolixe
  • Pleasant contact
  • Generous, emotional
  • Sensory, life loving
  • Never out of ideas
  • Versatile
  • Spontaneous, sometimes excessive
  • Rational yet creative
  • Writing, author of several books
  • Painting
  • Greece and Italy
  • Essays, novels
  • Classical music and jazz, a concert, a restaurant
  • Tinkering, getting lost in a flea market...
  • Nature
  • Receive friends

She'll be 50 years old, charm, generosity, loyalty, openness, nothing stuck.


Liberal profession

  • Handsome man
  • 49 years old Divorced
  • Liberal profession.
  • Directed opera.
  • Prestance, chestnut blond hair and beautiful green eyes.
  • An atypical curriculum, direction of the capitol of Toulouse, staging of operas, France, Italy, Spain, England. where his talents as a polyglot are marvellous.
  • He's a non-practising Protestant.
  • Often in his world
  • Analytics
  • Requiring
  • Abstract
  • I'm serious,
  • Conscientious, but also in his artist's bubble
  • Creative
  • Emotional,
  • Casual
  • Shifted, a touch of fantasy.
  • Warm, he loves children and understands them so well.
  • There are some, classical music as well as jazz.
  • The violin at the origin of his career
  • Lhe voyages, the sail "on the calm sea".
  • Riding, as in "Cavaleria Rusticana".
  • And finally, museums and flea markets.
  • 35-48 years old.
  • Feminine, sensitive, simple, generous, gentle.
  • A great desire to love and to prove it to each other.


Financial Analyst

Just 40 years.

Financial Analyst

Single without children


Tanned complexion

Green eyes

Wavy hair

And then there's the picture that says more about a character from his time:

Dark suit. Well cut light shirt: a style with a classic and casual faith.

The face is relaxed, clean, smiling.

Behind his "cool" side, we can feel a demand for quality in what he is and in what he does.

His background includes a major business school, EDHEC, and a good command of the language of Shakespeare.

"Friendly, laid-back optimistic, honest. A naturalness that comes with contrasts: In addition to the emotional side, there is also the cerebral dimension. He's thoughtful, rational, creative.

With a sense of humor and derision. On the side of the heart, you have to go to him, somewhere... An expectation of Love and gestures of attention - He knows how to be generous.

The partner will have to gain her trust". 

The Blues

-• Jazz

- • The classic

- • Playing sports ... jogging ... soccer ......... Basket and all playback outputs

- • A museum, a restaurant, a concert, a movie...

- • A journey

- • And...Write...

  • A young woman in her 30s is 38 years old
  • Single, widowed or divorced but without children and wanting a child.
  • French or mixed race
  • Same religion as him
  • Graduate studies
  • Of upright and honest morals.
  • Reliable.



  • It's the story of a man...

Behind the natural presence, beyond an elegance and a hidalgo port, there is a whole story, and more, a saga, which he confidently tells in a warm voice that abolishes all distance.

  • Now 64 years old, this graduate of the University Of South California, took a sabbatical year to reconvert his activities abroad to give them a more French context.
  • Time also for this polyglot; French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, to rebuild a sentimental life, a few years after a divorce ... like many.
  • A few details to know more, he is a non-practising Catholic, more evening than morning and non-smoking.
  • Very emotional, deep, whole and constant feelings. Faithful in friendship.
  • Generous, with a sense of the beautiful, the wide and the comfortable.
  • Demanding, active, constructive.
  • Pragmatic with an eye for detail.
  • Nature, walks, travel, New Zealand and USA.
  • Golf, skiing, polo and horses in general.
  • In music, Mozart and Rachmaninoff, and in variety, the Pink Floyd and Santana.
  • To read, Boris Vian, Camus, Hemingway.
  • At the movies, adventure films.
  • It doesn't matter if she is divorced or widowed, or French or foreign, as long as she is Beautiful, Feminine, Attractive with moral qualities that build trust.
  • I'm glad she has kids.

Paris Region

managing director of ste aeronautics international

  • HE is one of those men with whom one feels good: stature, presence, benevolence.
  • He is one of those men who protect from wind, rain and storms and with whom the hazards of life dissolve into a great glass of optimism.
  • Its image of a teddy bear with a laughing and attentive look makes you want to know more:
  • 53 years old, General Technical Director of an international aeronautical company.
  • Speaking English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and of course French.
  • His life is the story of a man who started at the bottom of the ladder and worked his way up through the ranks by his efforts and merit.
  • As is often the case here, sentimental life suffers. Today, free and childless again, the idea of a real family has become a reality. A family with its values, its warmth, its permanence.
  • Details, you always want some details. We will therefore know that he is Catholic, more dusk than dawn, not at all addicted to tobacco, and a little more to animals, dog or cat, and in his case... dog and cat.
  • Open to others, loving to be in society.
  • Epicurean and bon vivant, rather relaxed, with a little bit of fantasy.
  • Straight to the point.
  • Voluntary, combative and demanding.
  • Refined tastes, prized, as he says, for minimalist luxury.
  • Resourceful, creative, pretty handy.
  • Aviation, motorcycling.
  • Its interior.
  • DIY, flea markets.
  • Architecture.
  • Gastronomy.
  • A TV show about history or politics.
  • A passion for music: rock - rhythm and blues - or classical.
  • Decoration, fashion, quality in general.
  • A woman between 30 and 45 years old, French, European, mixed race, why not.
  • Preferably without children and willing.
  • Motivated to start a family.
  • Honest, loyal, committed to mutual respect.
  • It doesn't matter where it is.

Between Paris and Montpellier

Architect - 62 years old - Divorced

  • Behind his tortoiseshell glasses, the eyes are amused and easily laughed at. Wavy hair, pepper and salt overlook a toned and energetic face. The stakes are simple but modern, the style pure without artifice. Jeans, moccasins and a thin checked shirt underline a slim and sporty silhouette.
  • He speaks English, a normal Englishman would have fun saying; in the section cigarettes, option tobacco, the answer is... nothing. Not very animal either.
  • Studies? The archi curriculum, then the Architect DPLG diploma. Read government certified architect.
  • As for the heart, its history is not very common; 32 years of married life, one could say that for an architect, it's concrete! A reinforced cement union! And yet here is the wife, abruptly changes, modified behaviour, 180 degree turn. The thread is no longer straight. Back to the drawing board. And since he feels young, he has no lack of hope or assets.
  • Of a simple, integrated, balanced, sociable nature
  • Little artifice, no excess of appearances, he favours measure.
  • Rational, thoughtful, constructive, organized and creative.
  • A tendency to focus, very concentrated, which is part of the requirement and perfectionism.
  • He leaves little to chance and is capable of depth in his actions as well as in his feelings.
  • The lifestyle is healthy and sporty. And refined tastes.
  • Organize his trips himself.
  • Be interested in current events, biographies, novels.
  • She has to be very pretty.
  • It has to be open, cheerful and optimistic.
  • French or European.
  • And that she's between 50 and 60 years old.


Company director, retired - 75 years old

â–  He is a gentleman, who over the years has known how to keep his tonicity, drive and quality of being.

One feels at his touch, a good manners and a listening ear.

â–  At the age of 75, retired today, and with a good standard of living, he does not intend to let his six footer sink and fall asleep in an armchair in front of a TV, which in the end he does not like.

â–  Then it's time for future projects and prospects - Having become a widower, he doesn't pour into the contemplation of the past - he is still a fit, non-smoking morning man, representative of those people who have roots and values to be respected. to share and to make share - including the courage to rise and the merit of did it.

  • Reserved, but sociable,
  • Casual but serious,
  • Optimistic and generous,
  • Flexible and tolerant, pragmatic and creative.
  • Refined in his tastes,
  • Sincere in the expression of her feelings,
  • And willing in what he undertakes.

-• Take an interest in politics and current affairs.

-• Novels and history.

-• The rugby he played when he was younger.

-• The Arts: photography, architecture, painting, sculpture, theatre,

-• Decoration, exhibitions.

- • A good restaurant, a flea market, a walk but also the comfort of your own home.

-• A woman of 65 a- 76 years old

-• French or foreign.

-• Loving, sincere, serious.

-• Young-minded.

-• Elegant without ostentation and

-• Sharing his tastes.

Between Spain and Paris

Chief of Staff - 58 years old

Former French Consul and current Cabinet Director, 58 years old, divorced, a friendly and warm approach . Salt and pepper hair, a build, brown eyes, he has, as they say in the theatre, a presence.

After Sciences Po, it was a career in affairs of state, as Consul of France, then close to the mysteries of power as Chargé d'affaires and then Director of Cabinet. Catholic, he's non-practicing.

  • Simple, casual, fun, making people feel comfortable.
  • Epicurean, bon vivant, adaptable and consensual. Nevertheless, he has his liberal and pragmatic convictions.
  • It is a motive that is often itchy, more emotional than it seems and hides its sensitivity under the tone of the joke.
  • Unbridled, astute, cultured and never short of ideas.
  • Horses and Riding
  • Politics and current affairs
  • Good food and conviviality
  • Classical music and all kinds of reading
  • Nature and museums

Charm, allure, attraction, open, refined, life loving, intelligent and sensory.


Policy Officer in an International NGO - 39 years old

Il single, no children.


It speaks Spanish, English and of course French...

EN know more... He's agnostic, non-smoker, more of an evening than a morning person.

BUT - the question is... what's he like?


Cs a brown, laughing, rather thin-eyed, simple casual look with a discreet and confident taste. With his smart glasses and a bit of beard - it's trendy - you'd think he's an archaeologist, or anthropologist, or even Egyptologist if the Pyramids are your thing.

Qowever, this chargé de mission spreads pleasant and relaxing company.

Cs for many, career and time of maturity - one factor added to the other - HAVE DELAYED the moment of certainties of the heart.

Aoday he feels he is at the beginning of a brand new and founding cycle, entitled "IN SEARCH OF THE SOUL SISTER".

  • Sociable - convivial, enjoying spending pleasant moments with friends - and, in some ways, reserved, favouring moments as a couple.
  • Optimistic, tolerant, thoughtful, analytical -
  • Careful, steady, steady.

And when you have his trust, affectionate and faithful.

  • The theater,
  • Board games
  • Basketball, rock climbing 
  • Walks and nature
  • Photography, TV, cinema
  • Restaurants and dancing
  • Reading, rather a lot than a little: Stories, historical novels and escape through SF and "L'HĂ©roic Fantaisy".
  • A young woman between the ages of 28 and 38.
  • French or foreign, mixed or coloured, it's open.
  • A single woman wanting a child.
  • Graduate school.
  • A sociable, generous and calm character.


Captain Merchant Navy - 38 years old

  • Tall, thin brown hair. Dull complexion. Medium-length hair. The look is embers. The strokes are fine. There's a mystery where romanticism comes to the surface... In the cinema, we would see him adventuring between Bombay and Macao, in the young first shadowy theatre. In the city, a martial arts teacher... and we're not mistaken much.
  • He is, at 38, a captain in the shipping industry. Bac +5, languages known and practiced French, English.
  • He's single, no kids.
  • He is also a non-practising or occasional Catholic.
  • In life, he wants to have children, find a true soul mate and consolidate his achievements. He also wants to enjoy life between Paris and the Caribbean islands.
  • And to know it better, you have to know that it is rather evening than morning and that it is non-smoking, or very very little because a good Cuban cigar from time to time and in the open air, my goodness!
  • Of a particular sensitivity, lively, demanding, selective, defensive and refined, even secretive.
  • Reserved, non-gregarious and therefore independent.
  • In contrast, generosity, a form of nobility and a capital will - optimism.
  • Of a relaxation which hides in reality, a seriousness, vigilance and emotionality.
  • Quick-witted, rational, pragmatic and creative.
  • But as impatient as it is distinguished.
  • Of course the trips, with mention: all of them.
  • A lot... politics and current affairs and political-cultural programming.
  • Still a lot, music, lounge, electro and jazz.
  • He likes to "listen to reading", with psychology, esotericism and economics as dominant tastes.
  • Have fun in the escape section: Karate for body and mind, motorcycling to enjoy beautiful rides, boating to open your horizon. And the airplane to gain height and see the world with amazed eyes.

Other than that, golfing, dancing works.

  • Fashion, the media, a bit of DIY, entertaining, a restaurant, a museum, it depends.
  • French or foreign.
  • Tall and slender.
  • Balanced,
  • Spiritually enlightened,
  • Loyal and faithful,
  • True,
  • A happy character and a nice big smile.

Between Paris and Canada

International Purchasing Director - 50 years old - Single

  • Practising Catholic.
  • Behind the impersonal statement, there is a character who gains to be known. A character who has a background, a history, a dimension beyond borders, in short, a culture that brings together many and that presents no difficulty in being shared.
  • His style? between classic and casual, with a look like something that remains from his childhood soul.
  • His career path? Well conducted higher education studies, a specialized master's degree from EM Lyon, then a DEA in information-communication. A rich linguistic level, with French of course. English and Arabic.
  • Today, this non-smoker, allergic to smoke, more of an early riser than a night owl, long focused on his career, realizes that his emotional life, after a few experiences, is not up to his aspirations, however simple, a family, a child.
  • A pleasant touch, an extroversion-reserve cocktail.
  • Generous, warm in his feelings, loyal and sincere. With a strong sense of family.
  • Observant, curious, rational and practical, open to the world.
  • He is a man with refined tastes, very demanding and conscientious in his work; feet on the ground, stability is one of his qualities; anxiety and fear of doing wrong, his Achilles' heel.
  • History, political literature and why not, in his spare time, a comic book.
  • Tennis, martial arts, football, fitness.
  • His home, his work.
  • Classical and pop music.
  • A concert, a museum, a restaurant.
  • At the cinema, an auteur film, or an action film. A comedy movie OK. He is interested in Asian, French or European cinemas.
  • And... loose, photography, travel, painting, architecture and theatre.
  • From 32 to 38 years old.
  • Childless.
  • And wanting child.
  • French or European.
  • Catholic religion.
  • Higher education.
  • Feminine, affectionate, loyal, conciliatory, family oriented and non-smoking.

Paris Region

Executive Supp - 40 years old - Single

  • Male
  • Just 40 years old.
  • Tall and thin
  • Hair blond, chestnut
  • Single
  • Senior executive and manager
  • Practising Catholic and non-smoker
  • So much for the profile, but what matters is what's behind it! At the first contact, a little reserve and a lot of kindness. The man has fine, juvenile features. With a mix of classic distinction and casualness: nothing in appearance, everything in naturalness and simplicity. So we quickly want to get to know him and find out more.
  • Completed studies in electronics and computer engineering. A career in senior management and then the desire and need to evolve. It will be, sign of the times, the creation of a start-up.
  • And then there's love and his clothes today. Often more complicated than career paths! The first will not want to marry, and the second will be socio-culturally incompatible. Will remain ... The third and that one will be the good one, the one he hopes and expects with all his soul. This is the meaning of his approach with Monceau St HonorĂ©.
  • Reserved but it opens fast
  • A bit shy but you quickly discover your tastes and options...
  • Rational in spirit but generous in heart
  • Casual but refined
  • Emotional but calm
  • Classic and geek at the same time
  • Dogs but no dogs
  • Asia and North and South America
  • Sports: football, tennis and those he practices: fitness, skiing, tennis
  • In cinema: thrillers and dramatic comedies
  • A museum why not, a restaurant why not and go dancing... too.
  • Classical music, rock, electro music, a concert.
  • She will be between 28 and 38 years old
  • Will want children
  • French, Asian, South American, or American
  • Fulfilled, sensitive and with a modern spirit


Surgeon - 63 years old - Divorced


That's true for him... but not that. It will be necessary to add substance to the form, content to the container and caption to the portrait.

  • A LONG BREAD OF HIS DARK CHESTNUT HAIR worn half-long, a large forehead, a sober, uncluttered look, where classic and modern blend, giving it an air of romantic intellectual 19th century style.

With her sparkling and warming blue eyes, revealing the humanist, there is no doubt that if George Sand returned she would fall in love with this new Chopin.


You'll tell us that one like the other it's a question of fingering! Besides, he's a university professor... just in case, madam, you want to be a student again!

  • At 63 years of age, he still has something of the young man he used to be.
  • AND AFTER A DIVORCE and a few experiences, he is convinced that a fuller happiness awaits him, ready to be seized.
  • A loving childhood, a trusting father, an intelligent and gentle mother.
  • Classical educational values on a Catholic background.
  • A brilliant university education, a success.
  • Marriage, divorce, the ups and downs, the ups and downs, in short, the foam of the days...
  • A way of life both at dawn and at dusk, without cigarettes, open to animals even though you don't own a dog, cat, canary or goldfish! We don't know about the sea lions!!!!

Ah, we forgot, sir loves children, his own as well as his companion's, because they are part of the harmony of life.

  • Outgoing - optimistic
  • Rational and creative
  • Serious and generous
  • Tolerant and demanding
  • Careful and refined
  • With atypical sides, where altruism and determination are combined in a dynamic weave that lets here and there point an ounce of fantasy.
  • His trade, the arts.
  • Reading and readings.
  • Cruises, tours, trekking, hotels, walks and nature.
  • Pop, rock, classical music.
  • Martial arts, rugby, but also jogging, skiing, hiking and swimming.
  • Follow the news and politics.
  • A good restaurant, a concert, a play.
  • And more more... decoration.
  • A French or a European.
  • Higher education
  • From 40 to 52 years old
  • Sincere, authentic, gentle, loving and refined character. Enjoying nature, travel and the joys of life.


Business Manager - 44 years old - Divorced

  • A presence, a draw, a natural...
  • A tall blond guy with a big bruise in his eyes... and he looks like he's from an American movie.
  • Special feature: fortunately do not wear BLACK shoes!
  • Quickly, the rest of the casting, and better yet, the cast:
  • 44 years old
  • Company manager
  • Divorced 1 child of 7 years old
  • Graduate of the Ecole SupĂ©rieure Des Professionnels De L'Immobilier - and the Ecole HĂ´telière de Lausanne.
  • Speaking Spanish, English and Italian.
  • Smoker? we will say NO and excuse the steaming and the cigarette pleasure. 
  • Loving children, animals if necessary and in the evening rather than in the morning.
  • All that's missing is the "STORY"...
  • A family with both classical and artistic values.
  • Higher education. As we said, then a career in the hotel business.
  • As for the "Fires of Love", they did take place and for fifteen years illuminated the paths of "TENDER".

Until the day the Hero realized that they had become divergent, making life plans impossible.

Creating a new world is the ultimate goal of a diving master - And he tackles it, without delay, objective - Monceau St Honoré - the address you know !

  • A man of paradox
  • British look, Latin temperament
  • Casual but refined
  • Modern but attached to traditions
  • Creative and pragmatic
  • Sensitive, generous and equally sprinkled with humour in many forms.
  • An optimistic man

His motto: Good in his life, good in his skin, good in his head and for... soon good in his heart.

  • His violin by Ingres, oenology, and what goes with it, friends, a good restaurant.
  • Aquatic horizons, seas, oceans, moreover he is a scuba diving instructor, with his epic.
  • Sports, skiing, walking, soccer.
  • Music: Opera, variety, classical, electro.
  • An action movie, an auteur movie, a historical movie.
  • A political show.
  • As for the rest, he will tell you himself, with the idea of sharing and a beautiful project in common.
  • She'll be French.
  • Between 30 and 38 years old
  • Practising or non-practising Catholic
  • A cheerful, spontaneous, sensitive, generous, authentic and creative spirit.
  • Moral values
  • Higher education

Between Paris, Cannes and Egypt

Investor - 60 years old

Bel Homme - Investor - 60 years old since 2 months - in fact we should change the 6 of 60 into a 5 of 50, as the silhouette as well as the facial expression remain young, sheltered from the vicissitudes of time.

He's tall, elegant, graying hair - his style blends classicism and natural relaxation - with a blue-green look and a disarming smile on an athletic physique.

Born into a warm and balanced family, a non-practising Catholic, he passed through the academic ladder without a hitch, graduating with a master's degree in economics. Made for an independent and dynamic career, he opted for the world of commercial business and he is doing very well.

On the path of feelings he follows the thread of his time - first experiences then 25 years of married life - until the erosions of daily life end up by breaking the old balances. Thus flee the desires - but not the tremendous appetite for life, of a man who thinks that the best years are ahead and preferably... for two.

  • The 3 D's: direct, dynamic, relaxed, optimistic and in a good mood;
  • Positive, rational, identifying obstacles;
  • With a sense of humor;
  • In Love, sincere, protective, generous, selective;
  • Refined, demanding, chosen tastes, knowing how to protect oneself from excesses.
  • Travel, Hotels, Cruises
  • The news
  • Sports at the top of the list, Kit surfing, running, skiing, cycling, Pilates, EVERYTHING 
  • In music, eclectic tastes 
  • A play, a concert 
  • One eye on fashion and the other on the world 
  • In the morning rather than at night, although...
  • She will be between 45 and 58 years old - dynamic and sporty.
  • French or European 
  • Soft, pretty and feminine; of the allure 
  • Affectionate - Caring - positive
  • And easy to live with.